I see differences between colors in PAL and NTSC mode
Yes, that’s normal. Both systems use slightly different color encoding. IMHO the NTSC colors are
usually better in the older games

Will AntiX work with my RF output
To be honest: I have no idea. It is 2019 and I can’t believe people are still using RF. The picture this produces is absolutely horrible. I strongly advice you to use at least composite or (better) S-video or even better, Sophia

Will AntiX work with all ANTIC versions

Does it matter where I put the PAL/NTSC ANTIC
No. The board is merely a dumb switch. It doesn’t “know” which position is what so you can put them on whichever position you want. However, we advice you to use the original ANTIC on position 1 and the “other system” ANTIC on position 2.

Does AntiX turn my machine in a 100% PAL/NTSC machine when switched
No. AntiX only switches the ANTIC chip. A full switchable “conversion” would require an extra PCB and extra GTIA plus crystal and lots of supporting parts. The speed difference between a real NTSC machine and a AntiX PAL machine switched to NTSC are impossible to “feel”….you’d need a frequency counter to notice the difference.

Can I have VBXE and AntiX in my machine
No. VBXE and AntiX both go on the ANTIC socket so you can’t have both.

Is AntiX compatible with 400/800/600XL/800XL/1200XL/130XE/65XE/800XE/XEGS
I have tested AntiX in several machines including 800, 800XL, 600XL and 130XE. I think for almost all machines the metal shield needs to be removed…but who still has these installed with all the upgrades of today ? 🙂 By checking pictures, I believe that all XL and XE models have enough space “behind” the ANTIC socket to be installed in all of those. Keyboards on 600XL and 800XL can be a tight fit but should fit. As mentioned I successfully tested AntiX on my 800PAL. However, it does not fit inside the metal shield. It would require an extension (ribbon) cable to install AntiX somewhere else inside a 400/800.

AntiX compatibility
I have tested AntiX extensively in my 600XL which also has Stereo Pokey, U1MB and Sophia RGB installed without any issues. However there are SO many internal upgrades (that I don’t own) that it is impossible to know for sure. Especially any any turbo cards might be a problem because AntiX does add a bit of resistance on the signals it switches. So the answer is: I don’t know, and I can’t guarantee

Will AntiX work in a 5200
Well…..yes I guess it would do something, but there is simply NO point in running a PAL ANTIC in a 5200 as they all were NTSC machines only.

Does AntiX add any extra graphics modes/resolutions/colors/Wifi
No. It’s a switch. Nothing less, but certainly nothing more. This is also a big advantage. It is 100% transparent for software and thus 100% compatible 🙂